About Us

Background to the Partnership

The CBEN Partnership was formed in 2015. The partners saw the potential to grow and develop into a larger independent consultancy providing environmental support to businesses of all sizes.

The company has clients covering Cumbria, Northumberland, Lancashire and the Scottish Borders and plans to grow further taking on a wider geographical area as well as continuing to add to its environmental services.

David Prentice

David is an experienced environmental auditor with a background in mechanical and electrical engineering. He works with our clients to identify opportunities for energy reductions and the potential for installing renewable technologies and has recently been working with clients in biomass heating projects and refurbishment projects.

Philip Wanless

Philip has a background in construction, with a strong emphasis on environmental management. He is a Certified Energy Manager and registered ESOS Lead Assessor. He works with clients to identify energy reduction opportunities, design and implement energy management systems and assess the opportunities for renewable energy projects.