Resource Efficiency

Understanding and measuring your resource use is the key to resource efficiency. Our experts have extensive experience in all types of resource use and can help you improve your resource efficiency.

All businesses regardless of size or sector can benefit from reducing their environmental impact. The business benefits are considerable, with cost savings, greater productivity, new market opportunities, legal compliance and enhanced image.

We can help you through this process by:

  • Analysing consumption and production data
  • Conducting a full on-site audit
  • Preparing a detailed Action Plan on how to implement opportunities

We have experience in all types of resource use:

Energy – heating, lighting, HVAC, steam systems, monitoring and mapping

Water – flow reduction and usage minimisation

Waste – mapping and minimisation

Transport – fleet management

Raw Materials – process mapping and minimisation


We can help you understand your environmental legislative compliance and prepare a bespoke legislation register for your business.

Renewable Technologies

Whatever technology you are interested in or if you don’t know what system could work for your business we can conduct a feasibility study for you. This will include suitability of all renewable technologies and a forecast of fuel savings and profits from the Feed in Tariff or Renewable Heat Incentive. More about renewables…

Support with implementation:

We can review existing quotations as well as recommend trusted suppliers to carry out your renewable installation.

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