ISO 50001

ISO 50001 is the international standard for developing a formal Energy Management System (EnMS).

Here at the CBEN Partnership we have already taken clients through to formal compliance and we are currently working with several more clients to get them accredited in 2016.

If you are interested in undertaking ISO 50001 certification, please contact the CBEN Partnership to discuss how we can assist you.

Developing a compliant EnMS provides businesses with:

An Energy Review, which identifies the type and quantity of energy used and the processes and activities involved.

Key Energy Performance Indicators (EnPI’s) that can be used to track changes in your energy performance.

An Energy baseline which can be used to assess the impact of any energy savings opportunities that are implemented.

Shows Energy savings opportunities which can be prioritised by cost effectiveness and energy reduction potential.

A process of continual improvement designed to consistently reduce energy consumption and cost.

The time required to gain compliance depends upon the level of energy management already in place. While it should be possible to gain certification in 6 months, we would recommend that most companies assume this will take 12 months, allowing plenty of time to embed the systems and processes into everyday activities. Companies must pass the Stage 1 & Stage 2 compliance audits to be awarded certification and these should be at least 8 weeks apart.

The Stage 1 Audit can be viewed as a check point to make sure development is on track for full compliance and highlight the remaining areas for development . Most organisations should allow a good three months to get to this point.

The Stage 2 Audit is an audit of the entire EnMS and should lead to full certification. Certification in the UK is awarded by UKAS and the Stage 1 & 2 audits are undertaken by independent certification auditors. The CBEN Partnership can help companies to arrange certification auditing when the time comes.

It isn’t necessary to have your energy management system formally certified to ISO 50001. Organisations can have a formal energy management system that complies to the general requirements of the standard without ever having it certified. We can help you to achieve a robust EnMS that meets the needs of your organisation over a time period that suits you.

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