Environmental Management System

Working Towards ISO 14001

As companies grow and become more complex they may require a more formal EMS, perhaps as a pre-requisite for tender enquiries or to gain ‘preferred contractor’ status. Accreditation to the ISO 14001 ‘Environmental Management Systems’ standard would satisfy this requirement but can be time consuming and expensive and may be more comprehensive than organisations actually need.

The CBEN Partnership will work with you to design an EMS framework that can be developed into a fully compliant ISO 14001 system. We’ll work with you to identify your aims and objectives, develop the EMS at a pace that suits you, develop your workforce skills and support you every step of the way.

CBEN will audit the EMS we develop for you and you will receive a certificate of compliance and continued support to develop and grow the EMS to meet future needs.

If you wish to take the final step and apply for ISO 14001 accreditation then we’ll make sure that your EMS will be acceptable and help you through the accreditation audits.

An effective EMS provides many benefits:

  • It improves the environmental performance of your company
  • It increases your understanding of the environmental impact of your business
  • It can highlight environmental risks you may not have identified
  • It can identifies unseen opportunities to reduce costs and increase profits

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