Exciting developments at Brockhole Visitors centre

Way back in May 2018 the CBEN Partnership were awarded the contract to identify suitable improvements, renewables and heating systems for the Lake District National Park’s visitor centre at Brockhole on Windermere. All to help the park reduce its carbon footprint. Since then things have moved on a pace with a solar canopy, electric vehicle charging points, battery storage, building insulation, double glazing and door upgrades. All this and a new Lake source heat pump. Progress to date has been driven by Sharon Hodgson and Richard Horner of the Lake District National Park Authority, and us ofcourse.

The solar canopy looks unobtrusive in its dark grey frame and non-reflective panels

The charging points behind the canopy.

The batteries are squirreled away in a small cabinet in the trees.

The trenching for the pipe run to the lake source carousels is hardly noticeable now.

Still waiting for the arrival of the carousels.

A commissioning date of June is on the cards so we will keep you updated.

Funding for the works is supported by European Structural Investment Funds.

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