Green at Heart auditing successes

We’re well into the busy period for auditing members of Green at Heart, our environmental assessment scheme. We’re pleased to say that E&M Electrical Services (Northern) Ltd, Glaramara outdoor activity centre and Blencathra Field Studies Centre have all retained their Gold awards for 2017. Well done to all of them. Especially nice to do these audits when the weather was so good and Cumbria looked its best.




have made several environmental gains recently and auditing them is always a pleasure. The buildings are now almost entirely lit by LED lights.  although their solar thermal array isn’t producing a lot of hot water at this time of year it’s done well over the year and they’re very happy about the energy it has already saved them. With another 15+ years of useful life, its been a very good investment. CBEN are working with them to complete some energy mapping to see how they can save energy in the kitchen and we’re investigating the potential to use an air source heat pump to extract warm air from the kitchen and use it to heat the bar area.




has committed to reducing electricity consumption by 10% in 2017, measured against their 2015 consumption. They’ll use a ground mounted PV array to help with this. They’ll also be working to cut CO2 emissions by 5% compared to their 2014 base line. Auditing an organisation with lots of exciting ideas for the future is always satisfying and Blencathra are never short of plans.

If you would like to know more about the Green at Heart members scheme and have the environmental impact of your business audited, please feel free to contact us on 0122 549 602 to arrange an initial chat and a visit. Or visit the Green at Heart page on this website.