Three hotels take part in trial project

Three Cumbrian hotels have taken part in a project run by CBEN to compare their energy consumption and tariffs. The project began with current Green at Heart member The Cottage in the Wood, Braithwaite, who were concerned about high energy tariff charges.

Fellow Lake District hotels Ravenstone Lodge, Bassenthwaite and The Edwardene Hotel, Keswick joined in the project to compare energy consumption as all three hotels are of a similar size.

The project was designed to highlight the differences that energy suppliers charge businesses and the influence that business owners have on the rates that they pay. Detailed energy profiles were created for each hotel based on electricity consumption monitored during the project and compared between the participants.

Althought The Edwardene is using slightly less energy overall and has a much smaller baseload than The Cottage in the Wood and Ravenstone Lodge it is still paying the same tariff as The Cottage in the Wood, which actually had the highest consumption. However, The Edwardene has no daily standing charge to pay, compared to the other two hotels which are paying 22.5p and 37p per day. Tariffs between The Edwardene and The Cottage in the Wood are similar; both paying 11p per unit but Ravenstone Lodge is paying nearly 15p per unit.

This indicates that consumption is not necessarily linked to the tariff provided by energy suppliers and is always worth checking and negotiating before signing up to lengthy contracts.

New Service Packages

CBEN have streamlined their services to offer greater value for money to clients. Green at Heart members are now being given an opportunity to choose their support package, from Standard, Enhanced and Advanced based on their level of need for assistance.

The packages offer an increasing level of on-site support as well as update phone calls, additional monitoring of resources and reporting provided by CBEN in order to meet their Action Plan goals.

Many businesses are already seeking higher levels of support from the CBEN team in order to work on projects and verify savings made from previous environmental improvements.

If your business could benefit from some additional support please get in touch to see how we can help.

Winter 2016-2017 Green at Heart Award winners

Hunter Hall School

Gold Award

Hunter Hall School works hard to minimise its environmental footprint and has implemented some simple but effective measures to achieve this. They have a planned approach to objectives & targets and work hard to deliver these.


Cedar Manor Hotel

Gold Award

Ongoing monitoring of targets measurable reductions set for next 12 months. They are an excellent Green at Heart member with systems appropriate to business.


Craig Manor Hotel

Bronze Award

A newcomer to Green at Heart, The management want to implement Green at Heart to drive business forward with cost savings.


Daffodil Hotel

Gold Award

Progress made since last audit on upgrading lighting, drainage infrastructure, new spa boilers, extending soakaways and a heat exchanger in the pool.


Windermere Lakes Cruises Ltd

Gold Award

They were able to test emergency procedures during Dec 15 floods. Reaction time was within the one hour response time. They have upgraded three lighting sensors in toilets. All electric self-drive boats in place now, diesel ones have all been replaced.


Field Studies Council Castle Head

Gold Award

The FSC Castle Head are strong supporters of environmental improvement and have regularly put in place initiatives and procedures designed to reduce the impact of the business.


MTP Media Ltd

Silver Award

The Business has a good understanding of factors affecting their environmental performance. Several samples of replacement LED strip lights have been purchased to assess the appropriate colour temperature with regard to the printing process.


Out of Eden Ltd

Gold Award

Out of Eden’s commitment to the environment and sustainability is exemplary. Recent changes to the audit process for Green at Heart should assist in formalising the objectives and targets and the process of measurement and assessment.


Badger Press Ltd

Gold Award

This is a small very busy printing business and they are committed to managing their responsibilities with regard to environmental impact. With a strong emphasis on recycling paper, plastics, metals and Inks.


ACTion with Communities in Cumbria

Gold Award

ACT and their Board of Trustees are strong supporters of the Green at Heart environmental awards scheme and have been for a number of years. A number of initiatives have been put in place to minimise travel for their clients.


Inspira Ltd

Gold Award

Inspira have made considerable improvements to their environmental impact, primarily by more than halving the amount of staff travel. Their staff are aware of the need to minimise travel and are encouraged to use skype where appropriate. IT equipment is provided for this purpose.

Green at Heart auditing successes

We’re well into the busy period for auditing members of Green at Heart, our environmental assessment scheme. We’re pleased to say that E&M Electrical Services (Northern) Ltd, Glaramara outdoor activity centre and Blencathra Field Studies Centre have all retained their Gold awards for 2017. Well done to all of them. Especially nice to do these audits when the weather was so good and Cumbria looked its best.




have made several environmental gains recently and auditing them is always a pleasure. The buildings are now almost entirely lit by LED lights.  although their solar thermal array isn’t producing a lot of hot water at this time of year it’s done well over the year and they’re very happy about the energy it has already saved them. With another 15+ years of useful life, its been a very good investment. CBEN are working with them to complete some energy mapping to see how they can save energy in the kitchen and we’re investigating the potential to use an air source heat pump to extract warm air from the kitchen and use it to heat the bar area.




has committed to reducing electricity consumption by 10% in 2017, measured against their 2015 consumption. They’ll use a ground mounted PV array to help with this. They’ll also be working to cut CO2 emissions by 5% compared to their 2014 base line. Auditing an organisation with lots of exciting ideas for the future is always satisfying and Blencathra are never short of plans.

If you would like to know more about the Green at Heart members scheme and have the environmental impact of your business audited, please feel free to contact us on 0122 549 602 to arrange an initial chat and a visit. Or visit the Green at Heart page on this website.