Green at Heart

For smaller businesses who either don’t need or are not ready to implement a full EMS, we offer the CBEN Green at Heart Scheme.

In order to participate in the scheme, you must have as a minimum an Environment Policy, be aware of the environmental legislation and that would apply to your business and understand the main impacts you have on the environment. from there our auditors work with you to develop this initial framework into a straightforward system for identifying opportunities for environmental improvements, cost savings and targets for future improvement.

The Awards – Gold, Silver & Bronze

The awards are based on a Bronze, Silver and Gold system and you will be actively encouraged to progress through the various levels at a pace you are comfortable with. Not all members will want to progress to the Gold level but well over half of our current members have taken this step. The scheme has been running for almost 10 years now and several hundred members have used it to identify significant cost saving opportunities, participate in national environmental and sustainability competitions and secure additional contracts.

This is a membership scheme, when you join you receive a full environmental audit of your company, an assessment of how and where you can achieve improvements, impartial advice on a wide range of environmental and resource efficiency issues and your first year certificate. You will be allowed to use the CBEN Green at Heart logo on all of your advertising and web sites and are entitled to free telephone support from your auditor. View the members directory here.

You will receive the quarterly CBEN Newsletter and we arrange a series of member events throughout the year. These include site visits to see what other organisations have achieved, technology update days, general member forum meetings and the annual award ceremony.

If you would like to know more about becoming a CBEN Green at Heart scheme member and how it can help you business, please call 01228 549 602 or email us and one of our auditors will get back to you.

ISO 14001 Route

There is increasing demand for companies of all sizes to demonstrate that they take their environmental responsibilities seriously and are trying to reduce their environmental impact. For some, a robust environmental management system compliant with the requirements of ISO 14001 will be the correct route to take.