Winter 2016-2017 Green at Heart Award winners

Hunter Hall School

Gold Award

Hunter Hall School works hard to minimise its environmental footprint and has implemented some simple but effective measures to achieve this. They have a planned approach to objectives & targets and work hard to deliver these.


Cedar Manor Hotel

Gold Award

Ongoing monitoring of targets measurable reductions set for next 12 months. They are an excellent Green at Heart member with systems appropriate to business.


Craig Manor Hotel

Bronze Award

A newcomer to Green at Heart, The management want to implement Green at Heart to drive business forward with cost savings.


Daffodil Hotel

Gold Award

Progress made since last audit on upgrading lighting, drainage infrastructure, new spa boilers, extending soakaways and a heat exchanger in the pool.


Windermere Lakes Cruises Ltd

Gold Award

They were able to test emergency procedures during Dec 15 floods. Reaction time was within the one hour response time. They have upgraded three lighting sensors in toilets. All electric self-drive boats in place now, diesel ones have all been replaced.


Field Studies Council Castle Head

Gold Award

The FSC Castle Head are strong supporters of environmental improvement and have regularly put in place initiatives and procedures designed to reduce the impact of the business.


MTP Media Ltd

Silver Award

The Business has a good understanding of factors affecting their environmental performance. Several samples of replacement LED strip lights have been purchased to assess the appropriate colour temperature with regard to the printing process.


Out of Eden Ltd

Gold Award

Out of Eden’s commitment to the environment and sustainability is exemplary. Recent changes to the audit process for Green at Heart should assist in formalising the objectives and targets and the process of measurement and assessment.


Badger Press Ltd

Gold Award

This is a small very busy printing business and they are committed to managing their responsibilities with regard to environmental impact. With a strong emphasis on recycling paper, plastics, metals and Inks.


ACTion with Communities in Cumbria

Gold Award

ACT and their Board of Trustees are strong supporters of the Green at Heart environmental awards scheme and have been for a number of years. A number of initiatives have been put in place to minimise travel for their clients.


Inspira Ltd

Gold Award

Inspira have made considerable improvements to their environmental impact, primarily by more than halving the amount of staff travel. Their staff are aware of the need to minimise travel and are encouraged to use skype where appropriate. IT equipment is provided for this purpose.