Three hotels take part in trial project

Three Cumbrian hotels have taken part in a project run by CBEN to compare their energy consumption and tariffs. The project began with current Green at Heart member The Cottage in the Wood, Braithwaite, who were concerned about high energy tariff charges.

Fellow Lake District hotels Ravenstone Lodge, Bassenthwaite and The Edwardene Hotel, Keswick joined in the project to compare energy consumption as all three hotels are of a similar size.

The project was designed to highlight the differences that energy suppliers charge businesses and the influence that business owners have on the rates that they pay. Detailed energy profiles were created for each hotel based on electricity consumption monitored during the project and compared between the participants.

Althought The Edwardene is using slightly less energy overall and has a much smaller baseload than The Cottage in the Wood and Ravenstone Lodge it is still paying the same tariff as The Cottage in the Wood, which actually had the highest consumption. However, The Edwardene has no daily standing charge to pay, compared to the other two hotels which are paying 22.5p and 37p per day. Tariffs between The Edwardene and The Cottage in the Wood are similar; both paying 11p per unit but Ravenstone Lodge is paying nearly 15p per unit.

This indicates that consumption is not necessarily linked to the tariff provided by energy suppliers and is always worth checking and negotiating before signing up to lengthy contracts.